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Top Benefits to Compression Therapy

Compression therapy is an incredible way to quickly recover from any form of physical activity. This is because compression therapy assists our bodies' venous and lymphatic systems, as it pushes any metabolic waste and deoxygenated blood out of our bodies, re-oxygenating the central organs. Looking to ditch your pesky sore muscles and upgrade your wellness routine consider utilizing compression therapy! A great way to get into compression therapy is with The Body Remedy and Normatec because with this combination you will be able to warm up quickly, recover faster, and feel fully renewed! If you are interested in beginning compression therapy, our performance recovery experts here at The Body Remedy have put together a list of our top benefits of this stellar treatment!

Top 4 Benefits of Normatec Compression Therapy:

Improved Blood Flow: ‌

With the correct amount of pressure in the proper areas, compression therapy can assist in improving your body's blood flow. This is because the compression system, whether you are using it on your legs or arms, is moving blood back to your heart, moving it in the proper direction quickly and safely.

Reduced Swelling:

Do you find yourself sitting still or standing up for a long period? Maybe it is due to your 9 to 5 or a long airplane ride. The use of compression therapy, whether it is at home with compression socks or your receiving top-of-the-line treatment with Normatec boots at The Body Remedy, is sure to assist in the swelling and prevention of swelling in your body. This is because the pressure from the compression keeps fluid from leaking out of the small blood vessels in your legs, reducing the extra fluid, and helping your body absorb it.

Varicose Vein Treatment:

Varicose veins are irritated swollen and twisted veins that can cause immense aches and pains within your body, causing your legs to feel heavy. Compression therapy can assist in pushing the blood from your legs back up toward your heart, reducing the swelling and discomfort from the varicose veins.

Other Benefits:

Other benefits of compression therapy include but are not limited to decreased muscle fatigue, increased relaxation, increase in hemoglobin, decrease in pain pressure threshold, and improved range of motion.

In Search Of Compression Therapy? Contact The Body Remedy Today!

At The Body Remedy, we help you ease aches, pains, and tight muscles, improve your range of motion, and heal from sprains and strains. We also provide the latest technologies in body recovery to allow you to refuel and restore your body after intense workouts or long days of work. Is your goal to not only keep yourself moving for years to come but to get moving faster, jumping higher, and feeling stronger? If so, contact us today by calling 978-231-9032 or emailing

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