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What Our Patients Think

"Dr. DiSalvo is amazing! I had chronic back spasms and had seen other chiropractors, but she was able to resolve the issue in no time. I could do a push up for the first time in months right after my first session. Wish I had gone sooner!"

Eilene S.

"Dr. Alison Di Salvo was fantastic. She has an easy presence and great way of putting you at ease. She was great about asking a lot of questions and testing areas to ensure she had a full understanding of the issue before she recommended any specific treatment. My initial consult and treatment was yesterday and I am already feeling positive results from it!"

Eric F.

"Dr. Di Salvo is a treasure. I’ve been seen by a myriad of different chiropractors over my lifetime and she is hands down my most favorite by far. She fixed a variety of issues that I had and was creative in her problem solving. She is down-to-earth and pleasant to be around. Her goal is to help you heal enough so that you aren’t dependent on frequent adjustments. In the less than 3 months that I’ve been under her care, we’ve been able to scale back from 2 visits per week to 2 visits per month without any backsliding or issues arising thus far. I can’t recommend her enough."

Jayme C.

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"Dr. Di Salvo is wonderful ! I started seeing her 6 years ago and I have remained a patient ever since. Initial visits were focused on getting out of pain - lower back, hamstrings, and legs. I was a college athlete, but have spent many years in a desk job and now a dad, while still trying to remain active (running, lifting, softball, etc.). Those activities became difficult and frustrating. Dr. Di Salvo has helped me overcome pain using a variety of methods - soft tissue work, dry needling, cupping, etc. and encourages various self care routines by modeling stretches I can take home with me. She's thoughtful, explains what she's doing and why, recommends alternatives, and always has my best interest in mind. I return now for general body maintenance to keep active. I'm thankful to have found her!"


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"Dr. Allie is one of a kind. I have had one appointment, and the difference is amazing. My pain is reduced, and I have exercises I can do to reduce more pain. I plan on going to France in May, and I want to be able to do a lot of walking, and I believe my treatment will enable me to do that freely.  Give Dr. Allie a try. She has accomplished more than any orthopedic MD I have met."

Paula D. 


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