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We offer multiple services at The Body Remedy. Each one has a slightly unique effect. Therefore, you can utilize one or all - the choice is yours! Not sure which treatment is right for you? No problem, contact us and we are happy to help!



Dry Needling is the insertion of a thin, solid, filiform needle through the skin into underlying areas of tight, knotted, and painful musculature and connective tissue. This technique reduces tension, muscle knots, and inflammation and improves blood flow in the treated area. This, in turn, reduces muscle pain and spasms, promotes proper function, and improves range of motion. Dry Needling is extremely effective due to it’s direct nature. Areas that have been tense and uncomfortable for days or years can be relaxed with Dry Needling.

Dry Needling is not painful. The needles used are very thin – much smaller than needles used for shots. They are also solid, meaning they are not used for injecting fluid. The number of needles used and the duration for which they stay in place depends on each individual case. The insertion of the needle can produce a twitch response in the muscle or sensations of achiness or pressure. It is common to feel some mild soreness in the treated area for a couple of days after treatment.

Dry Needling is NOT acupuncture. While the same tool is used, the training and treatment goals are different.

Here are a few conditions that Dry Needling can be effective at treating:

  • Tight and achy upper trap and neck musculature

  • Tight and achy hips

  • Calf and shin pain and tightness

  • Quad and Hamstring tightness

  • Headaches

  • Sciatica

  • IT Band Syndrome

  • Low back pain

  • Neck pain

  • Tension Headaches

Dry needling sessions will often include the demonstration and practice of stretches and exercises you can do at home in order to continue to make progress between sessions and/or prevent further/future injury. 



The term manual therapy covers a wide range of hands-on treatments. Dr. Di Salvo will recommend and explain the treatment techniques she feels are best for you after your initial evaluation. The goal of all manual therapy techniques is to decrease pain and restore proper joint and muscle function by breaking down scar tissue and adhesions, reducing inflammation, and improving blood flow. Manual therapy techniques may include -

  • Myofascial Release: During this treatment, the doctor applies pressure to a trigger point or area of tension while simultaneously stretching the area. The pressure helps to fatigue and break down the trigger point. The pressure combined with the stretch works to strip any scar tissue or unwanted adhesions that is surrounding the musculature.

  • Cupping Therapy: This treatment utilizes suction cups to lift and separate the layers of soft tissue and to create a negative pressure within them. Cupping can stimulate the lymphatic system and help flush out inflammation and metabolic waste that has been sitting stagnant in sore, tight muscles. It can also improve blood flow to and break up adhesions within the treated area. Cupping is excellent for large areas of tension such as the back. 

  • Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM): During this treatment, Dr. Di Salvo will utilize a stainless steel tool to breakdown scar tissue and fascial restrictions. This technique is excellent for conditions such as tendonitis and issues related to scars.

  • Kinesiology Tape: When kinesiology tape is applied to the skin, it gently lifts the skin, creating a microscopic space between the skin and the tissues underneath it. This decompression of tissues can change the messages being sent from the treatment area to the brain, resulting in decreased pain sensations. This tiny decompression is also very effective at reducing inflammation, making kinesiology tape a very effective treatment for swelling due to acute injury.

  • Joint Mobilization or Manipulation: This treatment involves the passive movement by the doctor of a joint in the spine or extremity in order to increase it's range of motion and/or decrease it's pain with motion. Joint mobilization involves a slower oscillation of a joint while a manipulation involves a quick thrust into the joint. 

Manual therapy sessions will often include the demonstration and practice of stretches and exercises you can do at home in order to continue to make progress between sessions and/or prevent further/future injury. 



Compression Therapy is meant to assist our venous and lymphatic systems. The goal is to push deoxygenated blood and metabolic waste from our limbs more centrally to be re-oxygenated and filtered by the central organs.

Normatec does this by compressing different portions of the extremity (arm or leg) in a sequential manner from the most distal part to proximal. This is meant to create an environment favorable to a quicker recovery from physical activity as well as several other proposed benefits:

  • Reduction in swelling

  • Increase in total hemoglobin and oxygenated hemoglobin in muscle

  • Improved range of motion

  • Decrease in pain pressure threshold

  • Decreased muscle fatigue

  • Promotes relaxation



Red Light Therapy can be used to treat a number of different ailments. Red light photons work at a cellular level to increase energy production, reduce damage caused by oxidative stress (an imbalance between free radicals and antioxidants), and decrease inflammation.  At The Body Remedy we use PlatinumLED BIOMAX lights which emit a blend of 5 different wavelengths of light on the red and near-infrared light spectrum. The photons of these 5 wavelengths are able to penetrate through the skin to cells at different layers of tissue, promoting healing and cellular regeneration from the epidermis, or outermost layer of skin, all the way to the bone. The 810 NM wavelength is even able reach the brain, providing an array of neurological benefits including improved recovery from traumatic brain injuries. 

Red Light Therapy is a painless, relaxing treatment that may have a slight warming effect. You get to lay down on a comfortable table and let the light work it's magic. While a Red Light Therapy session may have some immediate analgesic effects, it is not an overnight fix. Best results occur when utilized consistently over a period of time, typically at least a month. 

Benefits of Red Light Therapy include:

  • Reduced recovery time

  • Reduced inflammation

  • Reduced Pain

  • Improved skin health 

  • Improved circulation

  • Improved cellular health

  • Increased Fertility

  • Hair Growth

  • Click here for a more detailed list

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