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Common Mistakes to Avoid During Injury Rehab

Unfortunately, injuries are an unfortunate risk that comes with being active, whether it's playing sports, joining an after-work league, or a competitive game. No one wants an injury as they may sideline you not only from your sport of choice but life in general, keeping you out of activities you know and love. Here at The Body Remedy, we understand that when you are injured, your main concern is how soon you can get back into resuming your athletic goals. However, every person is different and each injury is unique. Choosing to return to the field, too soon are increasing your risk of re-injuring yourself or developing a chronic problem. That is why the expert team here at The Body Remedy in Andover has compiled our top noticed common mistakes to avoid during injury rehab to get you back to your best self in no time!

4 Mistakes To Avoid During Recovery From an Injury

Playing Through Pain

Playing through pain will inevitably cause more harm than good. We get it, no one wants to stop playing a game that they love, standing on the sidelines watching everyone else play. However, when you feel pain that is your body’s way of telling you to stop, as something isn’t right and needs to be fixed. When you play through this sign, your body is going to compensate in other ways to try to minimize that pain. This potentially puts other areas of your body at risk for injury. So the next time you want to play through an injury or pain, think about if it is truly worth it.

Basing Your Recovery Other Another Person

Every single athlete is different, which means everyone requires different levels of rest, recovery, and PT. If you’re training with someone, in a team, or against a competitor, you may find yourself comparing training and recovery schedules. However, during these time periods, your muscles may take longer to recover than others. That is why you cannot compare your recovery to someone else's as you never know if they may be further along in their journey than you.

Not Following Your Rehab Plan

Making the decision to go to injury rehab or physical therapy is a great decision. However, a not-so-great decision is quitting your regime after a few sessions. Whether it's because you think you can do the rest on your own or if you believe you are good to go, it is never a good idea. When you stop following your treatment plan you will never fully recover and may suffer from another injury soon after.

Waiting Too Long To Seek Treatment

The longer you wait to take care of your injury, the harder it is to treat it. Meaning it will take even longer to get back to 100%. Early treatment and recognition of pain and discomfort mean a quicker recovery. If you are looking to receive efficient, productive, and effective injury rehab, contact The Body Remedy today! We would be thrilled to assist in your recovery process.

In Search Of Injury Rehab? Contact The Body Remedy in Andover, MA Today!

Here at The Body Remedy, we are proud to help heal even your toughest aches and tight muscles, improve your range of motion, and heal from sprains and strains. We also provide the latest technologies in body recovery to allow you to refuel and restore your body after tough workouts or long days of work. If your goal is to not only keep yourself moving for years to come but to get moving faster, jumping higher, and feeling stronger than ever contact us today by calling 978-231-9032, booking an appointment online, or emailing We look forward to helping you achieve your best self soon!

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